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an obama party. >> whether you agree with the president or not -- to be a part of it. >> reporter: the celebration of america is on. still, from a comfort standpoint, tv might be the best way to enjoy the rest of this inaugural. tomorrow will dawn here freezing cold. live at the white house, steve handelsman, nbc bay area news. >> it wouldn't be right if it wasn't freezing cold. >>> we will have extensive coverage of tomorrow's inaugural event, both on air and online. go to for live streaming video as well as photo galleries. and our political analyst larry gerston will be at the inauguration and tweeting updates as well. >>> next at 5:00, a big day for bay area sports continues, as the sharks play in their season opener. the latest on that. and man tai will go on to talk about the online hoax he said he fell victim to. we'll let you know who we'll be talking to and when. >>> despite our chilly start this morning, a gorgeous finish to the weekend. look at these temperatures. santa cruz 76 degrees. 64 in san jose. the satellite view showing changes ahead. you in heav
, and of our two centuries of democracy. the inauguration is not just an obama party. >> whether you agree with the president or not, we have freedom to be a part of it. >> reporter: and the celebration of america is on. again, it was mild here. but it won't be mild tomorrow. once again, washington will be in a freeze for inauguration day. dawn here tomorrow, diane, maybe in the upper 20s. steve handelsman. >> steve, i remember being back with you there four years ago and it was awfully chilly back there then as well. stay warm. >> we'll try. >> we'll have extensive coverage of tomorrow's inaugural event both on air and online. go to for video and photo galleries, and larry gerston will be at the inauguration and tweeting updates as well. >>> still ahead, a surprising report on flu shots. the workers you'd think would surely be vaccinated. >>> plus talk about an adrenaline rush. some of the world's best surfers take on the monster waves in the bay area. this year it was a different show for the fans. we'll explain that. >>> the surf is definitely up. so were the temperatures
to their smart phones watching the game as they were partying for barack obama and paying tribute to the late dr. martin luther king. a lot of people inside old enough to remember martin luther king and the 1963 march year of the washington. you want to start an interesting conversation. ask this well-educated well- connected crowd. what was more important, the first time barack obama was elected. first african american president or the fact that he was just real. let's go inside. i want to tell you some of what they had to say. >> reporter: the historic theater was jumping on stage with the kind of jazz they want to improve. >> i want them to leave the president alone. >> reporter: but outside the upscale gathering waited. >> they have a little more power. >> they have supported president barack obama a second time. and their money, their campaign, and their votes. >> mitch mcconnell said he would be a one-term president. four years ago a line of symbolism and it was. a lot of people are telling us tonight they are looking for programs from the president from this point on. >> on gun controls,
to be done. >> they wrote go for the throat and why obama must declare war on the republican party. and said obama's only remaining option is pulverize. >> bret: let's get thoughts on what we have seen and heard today. brit hume is here with us tonight. good evening. >> hi, bret. president obama today gave the country a clarifying moment. we may not have gotten to know mr. obama, the man, better today. but we certainly got to know him the politician, better. his inaugural speech should put to rest of all time the notion much favored by the admirers in the press he is a centrist. he is not. he said a recovery had begun. his prescription for accelerating that anemic, was barely heard. medicare, medicaid and social security. he did call it, fiction, that all societies' ills could be cured through government alone. but it was a prelude to wonders of the collection action by which he meant government action. on gay rights, climate change. voters op regulation, immigration reform and gun control. only saying he would support the spread of democracy worldwide, which is the george w. bush freedom ag
. they said in order for president barack obama to leave the democratic party stronger, he has to pass immigration reform. that's what you were talking about a while ago. >> isn't that one of the big questions? is his goal his legacy? or is his goal a democratic legacy? >> one guy said within a year. have you a year to really make your mark. the other guy said maybe two years. >> get into the six-year itch in washington. soledad, the first key comes from the president today in the speech that he gives right where you are later today. >> that's absolutely right. you pose a great question. let's pose it to newark mayor cory booker. does the president focus on his own agenda or focus on really helping democrats down the way? we'll talk about that, when we come back from commercial break in a moment. also, we'll talk about the supreme court justice sonia sotomayor, talking about her story, going from projects to the capitol. can she remain unbiased? our one-on-one conversation, straight ahead. with the spark cash card from capital one, olaf gets great rewards for his small business! pizza!
pennsylvania avenue. >> the parties are already in full swing. >> there are days to celebrate obama's term as 42nd president. we are right here at national harbor. in the nation's capital, it is one big party. this is one of the big tickets. is one of six dozen different galas and balls being thrown to celebrate the 57th presidential inaugurations. some inaugural advice for the rookies. >> it is always cold. have a good time. >> followed the protocol black tie. elegance party dress. >> eat before you come. then you come party all night and have fun. >> we found every brown at one of the two hot spots. the other star of the show, a towering custom cake from charm city cakes. >> it is the maryland convention and it is the maryland cake. >> hundreds of marylanders having a ball. >> at is the idea of having to america for a common purpose and a common good. that is something to celebrate. >> everybody who has ever attended an inaugural ball has george washington to thank. our first president celebrated his first oath of office by doing the minuet. >> now your 11 insta-weather burke forecast. >
. kelly. >> thanks mike. the finalpreparations are being made for dc's big party tomorrow. president obama will give his inauguration speech tomorrow. aceremony yal publicceremonial public oath will take place tomorrow and we'll have reports throughout the day. . >> tonight an naug ral celebration -- inaugural celebration landed barbara walters in the hospital. walters fell and cut her forehead. she was taken to the hospital just to be checked out. reports say she's alert but hospitalized for observation. we'll be back with more ravens coverage after the break. . >> . >> the game ended over an hour ago and ravens fans still pouring into the street cheering their excitement and joy that we're headed back to the superbowl. let's check back in with cheryl conner. cheryl lotsof people but no major problems you know it's remained pretty pa peaceful. i thought i was going to get hoisted up to shoulders a few minutes ago. people cameright out on if streets when we realized that the ravens were going to the superbowl. andhey, you all don't want to go home. look at this. let's showyou some
party. so you have seen, it's true, a republican party that has shifted to the right. barack obama has managed through issues like gun control and the right through organizations like the n.r.a. to paint them as out of step with the mainstream of america more successfully than the right has managed to depict the president as being out of step with the mainstream of america. chris: i want to ask you about the cover of a magazine, has the country moved more towards the gun control position or not because of the horror at newtown? >> i think they've moved some to that position. the n.r.a. still has a stranglehold, but the president can use the extremism of the n.r.a., who are acting like a bunch of crazies that's days to help sell the rest of his agenda. chris: this is too far out, and let's take a look at this right now. >> are the president's kid more important than yours? than why is he skeptical about putting armed security in our schools when his kids are protected by armed guards at their schools? chris: when you bring the kids of the president in, who are protected against kidnappi
is that the republican effort to oppose anything and everything proposed by obama almost like a parliamentary party was not rewarded. taking the debt ceiling hostage was not rewarded, calling the obama health care plan -- which was their own only a few years earlier -- socialism was not reward withed. rewarded. that means they have to begin to rethink themselves and, importantly, democrats will not automatically embrace the same tactics in opposition. so i think that was the important change that creates a new dynamic not that's going to solve our problems. there's going to be no sitting around the campfire in washington making nice to one another. but the possibility now exists for a real effort and a successful effort to deal with our most pressing problems. >> host: two familiar washington faces, thomas mann and norm ornstein. "it's even worse than it looks." this is booktv on c-span2. >> is there a nonfiction author or book you'd like to see featured on booktv? send us an e-mail at or tweet us at >> host: and now joining us again on booktv is senator rand p
president obama's second inauguration. from the oath to the parade to the parties, to the sell in ridrid cel celebs, we have it all covered. >> and all of the obstacles that could trip him up. >>> big names, choice seats. inside the
as it gets. a family feud. >> i saw the pictures in federal hill. they are partying. >> out there >> which dress with michelle obama choose? thsoe close to the process say what started with 20 designers areee down to two. the gowns are shuttled from new york to dc and because the designers don't have direct access, they have manequins made in their studio. a single appearance by a first lady in a designer's clothes >> a photo of the celebrations in baltimore. federal hill many were out celebrating the ravens were superbowl bound. did you know if we'd had the inaguration outside at noon, it would have been the warmest on record at 57 degrees. highs will be around 40. those temperatures only in the 20's. >> coldst look, every day we're using more and more energy. the world needs more energy. where's it going to come from? ♪ ♪ that's why right here in australia, chevron is building one of the biggest natural gas projects in the world. enough power for a city the size of singapore for 50 years. what's it going to do to the planet? natural gas is the cleanest conventional fuel
. and the partying is only getting started. president obama's biggest challenge in the next four years may be avoiding the second term curse. we'll look at the obstacles that could trip him up, plus an extra helping of history on the steps of the capital. justice sonia sotomayor, the first latino to deliver an inaugural oath. we'll show you the warm moment she shared with joe biden. this was yesterday. we've got an exciting four hours for you. coming up, former secret service agent dan bongino, four years ago he was head of security for president obama's first inauguration parade. representative debbie wasserman schultz at 6:00 a.m., corey booker at 7:00 a.m. along with senator john barrasso and bernice king will join us as well. we also have joaquin castro and also nick cannon. he's performing today for the inauguration. good morning to you. welcome to a special edition of "early start." it's 5:00 a.m. in the east. i'm zoraida sambolin. live here in washington, d.c. for the inauguration of president barack obama. some folks also gathering here. i will be joined by soledad o'brien and john
and the president's moment in the spotlight but when the ceremony is done, all the parties, mr. obama will still have to deal with the republican led house of representatives, divided government in washington. sharon peter king of new york, the congressman with the best last name in congress, is with us this evening. mr. chairman, it's good to see you. as a republican and a member of a republican caucus that has had its own internal nights in recent days, what can the president do? he's a democrat. you know the partisanship. what can he do to hit a reset button. >> the partisanship is there. from the president's perspective, i think he should not be, i don't know if arrogant is the right word. he won the election. he won it fair and square, to doubt about that, but i think there's been a tone of almost like an imperious tone the last few times. i'm not saying it will guarantee results if he's more outreach and republicans respond. i think he should try it. even independent voters have told me they thought the news conference last week was had too much arrogance and some of his tone. having said
getting re-elected in 2014. they are worried about being challenged in a party primary. that is obama's real problem. >>neil: i look add joe biden, and at his swearing in, he had top democratic officials and governors from iowa, from south carolina, from new hampshire, all key democratic states four years out. what was that about? >> we know it is about 2016. he is off and running. >>neil: with owe without hillary clinton? >> that is the question. will he challenge hillary clinton if she runs. he is preparing the way in case she doesn't at which point he may very well be the frontrunner, or, if she does run he has a decision to make, does he think he can overcome her substantial edge? look, four years is a long-term. who knows. >>neil: she was a little over four years ago the frontrunner who spike was crazy to challenge and he could figure, biden, what the heck. >> at his age, he is 70 now so he will will be almost 74 so this is his last chance. of course he is preparing to run if he can. >>neil: do you also, looking at this, and joining the obamas and larry sabato as they finish up t
and divided congress. president obama may hit a serious opposition from members of his own party. >> the will to change gun laws in the aftermath of the sandy hook massacre is beginning to meet political realities. paul vowed to nullify the 23 executive actions signed last week. diane fine stein plans to introduce a new assault weapon and extended magazine ban. >> leader reed says he intends to make guns one of the earliest things we consider on the floor. chairman lay sehey talked about having hearings right away. i think you will see action quickly. >> there are 20 democratic senate seats up for grabs in 2014 including in the gun friendly states of arkansas, alaska, louisiana, ohio, new hampshire and south dakota. after the assault weapons ban passed in 94 democrats lost control of the house all of which suggest compromise may be in the works. >> we don't expect all of it to pass in its current form. there are elements that are absolutely critical. >> this is a moment we can do something about mental health about information sharing maybe about background checks and other thing
in about six hours from now. zoraida. >> all right. thank you very much, john. president obama better get all of his partying done tonight. his second term is in full effect already and that means the potential for great achievements, but if history is any indicator, the second term is where things can get messy. it's not like he wasn't warned. >> i'm more than familiar with the literature about presidential overreach in second terms. >> president barack obama's victory dance is about to become a dance against destiny. >> if we look back, some really great examples of really big things being done in second terms. but recent history, there is the potential for real disaster. >> i did not have sexual relations with that woman. >> according to polls by the gallop organization, second term presidents often end up with second-rate approval numbers. just ask trent duffy, former president secretary to president george w. bush. >> major combat operations in iraq have ended. >> a president's approval ratings who dropped 25%. >> if poll numbers drop down below 50, you will see the white house press
a vigil, it's more of a party. there are a lot of people in that room who paid a lot of money for this inauguration and prior to tonight to get barack obama re-elected. to get a flavor of what's going on in the room these are individual and corporate donors. to get tickets to this event if you were an individual if you wanted the washington package in addition to a couple seats to the parade or other items you had to donate 250,000 dollars if you were a corporation you had to donate a million. the packages went on down from there. four years ago he set a cap of 50,000 dollars on individual contributions and refused to accept any money from unions or corporations or lobbyists. they also capped any donations to 300,000 per donors. this time around they had a bit more of a cash crunch. in december he announced he would take unlimited contributions from individuals and corporations. unlike 4 years ago they would not be disclosing all of the information on the donors just names as opposed to all of the details. >> the total number is about 40 million they raised this time. that inc >> president obama took the official oath of office in a private ceremony at the white house yesterday. >> a parade down pennsylvania avenue. the parties have already started. >> there are four and days of events to celebrate president obama's second term as president. we're at national harbor in the middle of it. it is one big party. this is one of the big tickets -- the maryland inaugural ball. it is one of six dozen different balls and galas to celebrate the 57th presidential inauguration. for many, attending a ball is an important tradition. >> we come near to of a good time. >> i followed the protocol of black tie. >> you eat before you come. then you can party all night and have fun. >> we found larry brown in front of the ravens game. a towering custom cake from charm city takcakes. >> i'm all dressed up. >> hundreds of marylanders dressed up and having a ball. >> america for a common purpose and a common good. that is something to celebrate. >> we have george washington to thank. he celebrated taking his oath of office doing the minuet. kate amara, wbal-tv 11 news. >> 5:27. 30
into a group of trees. >> president obama to the official oath of office and a private ceremony sunday morning. >> a parade down pennsylvania avenue. kate amara shows us the parties have already started. >> there are four days of events to celebrate president obama's second term as president. we're at national harbor in the middle of it. in the nation's capital, it is one big party. this is one of the big tickets -- the maryland inaugural ball. sponsored by maryland's democratic party, it is one of six dozen different balls and galas to celebrate the 57th presidential inauguration. for many, attending a ball is an important tradition. and says some advice for the rookies. >> we come here to have a good time. >> i followed the protocol of black tie. and elegance party dress. >> you eat before you come. then you can party all night and have fun. >> we found larry brown in front of the ravens game. the other star of this show -- a towering custom cake from charm city cakes. everybody getting a picture with it. >> i'm all dressed up. why not? >> hundreds of marylanders dressed up and having a ball
and squeezed into the mall. there will be fewer today. here on the steps of the capital president obama will address the crowd. a timeless ceremony with contemporary touches. the national anthem will be sung by beyonce. this year's prime for a party and several hundred thousand people from across the united states have traveled here to be a part of it. the inauguration is a celebration of american democracy. a moment for their president to inspire, unite, and speak to his foes and fans. >> president obama leads a politically divided nation. the issues that he will tackle are contentious. today will be an extravagant party, but tough battles lie ahead. >> let's go to my colleague, who is in among the crowd, where hundreds of thousands of gathered to listen to the president. >> as you can see, dawn is breaking and there are literally hundreds of cameras arranged behind me, here to record this second historic inauguration of barack obama. hundreds of thousands of people flocking in. but amongst those who will be here today, thank you so much for coming. tell me, what made you want to be he
of folks at home saying mr. obama is throwing himself a big party while they are still struggling financially. they will address the intractable gridlock in this town. >> he will make that point very strongly that people here in washington need to see common ground. he will talk about the american people they are not engaging these debates in washington progress and change won't happen. >> aids say while we can expect more broadly on battles to come such as gun control and immigration reform this won't be the detailed policy speech we will get with the state of the union next month. >> james, i wonder if the president runs the risk of sounding too much like he has. he has given a lot of speeches. >> that is definitely a risk. some republican speech writers of white houses past have made that exact point harris saying current conditions could lead the president to repeat himself in 2009. economy remains sluggish healthcare remains too costly, et cetera. one historian interviewed the president from rolling stones magazines says mr. obama needs to revise faith in the american dream.
for the party we lost. let's talk first about barack obama. what did you see in him the second time. i was not surprised by the first, but i was surprised by the second. you have been critical saying he needed to narrow his focus. what did you see in him the second time. >> nothing wrong with being critical and also supporting. what i saw in the second opportunity to be president of the united states is we had seen progress in the four years he had been president. the financial system was stabilized and the economy is picking up again. we are out of iraq and coming out of afghanistan. he handled terrorism quite well. i saw a guy getting the job done and deserving of a second term. the first term doesn't have the historic significance but there is a warm feeling about bringing a black man into the white house. he has done the job. has he done everything correctly or perfectly? no. i talk to him on a regular basis and we have a condit conversation. why did the republicans lose? as i tried to indicate it's not those of us who are being critical of them but for them to say
to say why are we lose something. >> barack obama endorsing him, we have to make our party better by criticizing our party. i think self reflection is in order and you do too. >> you lost a battle. you sit down sand say this is interesting. lots of favorable reaction from the republicans. reluctant to speak out from the tea party in 2014 or 2016. things have to change. when you lose by popular vote and electoral vote and you see that 73 percent per of asian-americans and hispanic americans and 94% of african-americans voted for the president and not the party, you have to ask yourself we have to do something about immigration or tone down some of the things we have been doing and should we have gone after reducing the turn out of voters in places where we thought it would make a difference. the republican party should say we want everybody to vote and make it easier to vote and give them a reason to vote and not find ways to keep them from voting at all. >> what do we do to get voters like you. people who identified with the republican party. i can tell you, every speech i give, i
divide? i do not see any future of obama trying to get with the other party. he wants to heckle them, probe them like you would a mad cow or lion. host: is it more partisan than it has been in the past? guest: what is different is how it feels. you cannot escape it. the nature of cable tv, which is enormously significant disproportionate to its audience in studying the tone for the debate. talk radio, the internet. these are all means of communication that saturate and reinforce and exaggerate our differences. it is all about conflict. i think that as much as everything else contributes to the sense that people have that we are more divided than we have ever been before. george washington and john adams, a mob gathered outside washington's homa, denouncing his neutrality. host: we're looking at the veterans affairs secretary. the military, department of defense playing a big role in tomorrow's ceremony. guest: dwight eisenhower took very personally nixon's defeat. he said he knew how the condemned man felt, watching the scaffolding being built. host: people are talking about vice pre
, obama has largely kind of adhered to the clintonian new democratic party which is a more moderate party, than the one of say the 1970s. and one that is interested in looking seriously, it sees a deficit as a problem. clearly republicans and democrats see a different mix of taxes or spending cuts as best way to address that. what i think is hopeful, both do see this as a real problem for moving forward. shepard: secretary clinton there, with senator john kery, the secretary of state nominee at least. ab stoddard, i can't imagine that the fight for john kerry would be one that would drag on too long? >> no, that is not going to be but secretary clinton testifies tomorrow, wednesday on the benghazi incident. shepard: that should be quite a show. >> that will be quite tense. there was originally talk of delaying the nomination of john kerry until she committed to a date for that testimony, completed the testimony but there will be fights as i said on john brennan and chubb hagel and others even, jack lew. all people that, both parties expect to eventually be confirmed. fights nonetheless, r
put our shoulders to the wheel of history it moves. it moves. >> reporter: tomorrow mr. obama will be sworn in during a public ceremony. he'll give his inaugural speech then take part in a parade and series of inaugural parties and balls. here's a live look at the white house tonight. tori campbell has more on how mr. obama won a spot in history. >> that i will faithfully execute the office of president of the united states. >> reporter: the president is officially in his second term now. he was sworn in in the blue room of the white house with chief justice john roberts doing the honor. and you can bet that chief roberts said the words carefully. four years ago he said the oath wrong. so president obama is the first to have been sworn four times. this morning, joe biden was sworn in by sotomayor. then there was the wreath laying ceremony. and the first couple also attended the episcopal church for martin luther king celebration. >> reporter: when a president and vice president are sworn in it's only for a four year term so if they're reelected they needed to be sworn in for a
. tradition is we get out the long gowns and we party a little later. president obama and vice president biden kicked off the fun early. they attended a reception last night at the national building museum. both men talked about their inspiration for a better future this term. >> in the weeks and months ahead, we're going to reduce gun violence here in america. we're going to pass comprehensive immigration reform and put this nation's economy on a sustainable path to the future. >> the decency, goodness, the resilience, the neighborliness, the patriotism, the sense ability of the american people, you have inspired me throughout. >> talking about the business ahead in the second term for president barack obama and vice president with the first lady and joe biden of course. we will continue our coverage here. the sun is just about to come up. it looks beautiful where we are. it's pretty chilly. back now to you in the studio. >> it's cold out there. sunrise in four minutes . but what a beautiful scene. let's get right to the numbers. if you are heading down to the mall today, it will warmup into
, the historical themes of sacrifice for country, party unity. for obama the key theme is justice. if you go back to his major speeches, he tends to talk about a bargain between the american people and the government that if you play by the rules you will see the benefits and government has to be there to give you the benefits if you play by the rules. >> we're looking at the mall where everyone is happy and waving and one thing i have to say after having been on the mall four years ago, it was really cold. and -- >> you want to say how warm you are today, right? >> i'm very warm in the presence of my dear friends but also curious how different a second inauguration feels. >> i think it is. it's still to be celebrated and the re-election of president obama means that the first one wasn't a fluke and that's important. and i think it's especially -- i think it's especially important for african-americans that he has been re-elected and it puts in the serious ranks of chief executive and i agree with david this is a broad-brush time. i doubt there will be a sound of trumpets but i think we will see
. it is a highly sensitized -- centralized party. obama never really ran with the democrats in the house. he never gave them the money they wanted from his billion dollar trove. he never campaigned with them the way clinton even did. there is a lot of resentment by the democrats. they have expressed it to me, no less for the >> and a million more people voting for democrats in the house than the republicans and yet the republicans took the house by scores of seats because of gerrymandering. >> that is the excuse for it gerrymandering on both sides. the house democratic caucus put out a list of 60 dangers republican votes, they called it, that pass through the house but anti-women, anti-consumer, anti-environment, pro-empire, pro-corporate welfare, right? the democrats should have land slighted them. they did not use those 60. they did not use them in each congressional district. it was all about trace the middle-class, forget the poor, never mention the word for a minimum wage. it was all about raising money. they should have a landslided. when i went to the house in march of last year, leading de
barbarians at the gate. >> this gets right to the heart. people who are obama supporters believe that the republican party has been utterly obstructionists, mightily so, and utterly partisan since the first day. people say, we love to do business with this guy, but he never offers us anything. that would constitute an extended hand to the other side and save here are areas where we would agree and accept this and i believe that. this seems utterly bereft of an outreach to the opposition. >> i think there are two sides to this argument. the white house would certainly point out that mitch mcconnell was the one who said that our primary job is to make sure that barack obama is a one term president. there certainly has been a failure to get along, but i don't think you can lay on the side of the white house. and giving them the syncretic, they believe their vision of america's rights, there has been a strong opposition and use of filibuster unprecedented by senate republicans. the house majority has its view of the world. and i don't know that i would say that the republicans have b
. >> president obama also showing his lighter side last night by mentioning how much he loves mrs. obama's new hairdo, the infamous bangs and everybody talking about her new hairdo. >>> barbara walters is hospitalized this morning after she fell at appear inauguration party. the veteran news woman reported lid slipped saturday night on a step at the residence of the british ambassador to the united states and out cut her forehead. a spokesperson says the 83-year- old is awake and alert. >>> up next on this inaugural morning, air piece of presidential history. we'll tell you more about an important part of this morning's swearing-in ceremony and its ties to president lincoln.  >>> welcome back. today, of course, the national holiday honoring dr. martin luther king, jr. a wreath laying ceremony was held on sunday at the memorial for the civil rights leader on the national mall. among the dignitaries and celebrities on hand were martin luther king iii, reverends alsharpton and jesse jackson. sharpton called the dr. king day and inauguration weekend and intersection of histo
be an unlikely bipartisan legacy for president obama and health care. party line vote, divided the country. implementation will be tough. he will have to spend a lot of time on it to see results. >> immigration was an area shown to be a place where he might have the most success. >> that's true. >> guns are going to be tough but i think the president also feels that on issues like this, he now can take some chances, even if it's not politically popular, and it's not. he's going for the long ball as well. >> let's save a little bit of what you are have to talk with us. you'll be with us throughout the entire day. >> oh, my god. >> that's true. >> read your e-mails. >> i told you everything i know. >> tom brokaw, david gregory, andrea mitchell. let's get outside and get a check of the weather from al. >> it's going to be a long day. tom's already done. beautiful, beautiful morning as you look at the capital. little the capitol, inaugural weather history. reagan had the warmest inaugural ever. 55 degrees. four years later he had the coldest inaugural ever at 7 degrees at noon. wind chills 10
second term that might offer guidance to obama, were he reelected. some of the presidency face hostilities from congress filled with majority of their own party, included washington, jefferson, monroe, grant, theodore roosevelt, johnson and bush. andrew jackson was censored by a congress controlled by his own democratic party. a fight he never forgave. franklin roosevelt had a constant battle with southern democrats in congress who oppose his new deal legislation. he suffered his greatest political defeat as a democratic-controlled congress refused to support his plan to pass the supreme court. eisenhower, a republican, filed legislation drafted by a fellow republican, victor of ohio, who thought it was the way of presidential power. what then, what his paper is all about, however, is what might be, we expect a four years of a second term for barack obama, were he reelected, obama in all probability would face the daunting challenge of working with republican majority in house and possibly innocent. what lessons might obama learned from history were he reelected? confronted wit
hopping, as you called it earlier, all throughout the evening. the party here at the national harbor still going until 1:00 in the morning. hundreds have come out to celebrate a second term for president barack obama. ♪ ♪ hit me with your best shot >> reporter: the stars were out in arlington. >> a stylist, makeup, you know, nordstrum. >> reporter: it's shauna's first inaugural ball. >> first time coming out for president obama, supporting him and knocking on doors and making phone calls. i'm just so excited to be here. >> reporter: congressman jerry conley says all eyes were on the state of virginia this election. >> there's a different majority. there's been a permanent demographic shift and we want to welcome that. >> reporter: some say there are fewer people in aten dance than there were the first time president obama was elected and it may be for that reason the excitement is a little different this time around. but i don't think you can tell that by the dance floor. you guys know how to cut a rug. >> i get energy from the music. >> reporter: a different mood at the gaylord nation
about the overall success of this partnership. he has a very strong self-interest in seeing barack obama succeed. as you well know, after eight years of one party being in office, it's not easy to hold on to that office. and one of the things that helped to elect george h.w. bush at the end of reagan was reagan went out on a high. he had some trouble in the second term but he went out on a high. and that really helped bush. i think that's important for biden that president obama succeed. >> i just missed this one but the last vice president before george h.w. bush was martin van buren. >> biden has constantly been in and out of the dog house for say things he wasn't supposed to say for the longest time. right now, he is in, as gloria was saying, just the perfect sweet spot for him, because he has succeeded. the challenge is, i'm trying to emphasize about this speech, we don't know what the president wants to done in his second ter. such a litany of agent that items. you know, less is more. there was too much "more" in this speech and that i think is the trap for him now, for biden. >> i
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